Champagne & Cocaine (Gucci S/S 2019)

Gucci’s Alessandro Michele put on what can only be described as a showstopper for their Spring/Summer ’19 collection. The event was held within “Le Palace”, a Paris theatre constructed in the 17th Century and located in Montmartre. It was best known for its transformation into a nightclub in 1978 where fashion, music, and underground culture intersected in a mythical blend with the likes of Jean-Paul Goude, Mick Jagger, Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol and Grace Jones just to name a few.

Within this Parisian cultural haven, Alessandro brought back the sense of the clubs glamour of the 70s and 8os with his glittered patterned looks. The juxtaposition between python slacks, magenta leotards and trendy suit trousers created an aesthetic reminiscent of Paris past. All paired with his more common looks that Michele has made his name. Ultimately leaving the audience in a high octane glamour filled evening and leaving us wanting for more.

Take a look below at Gucci’s Spring/Summer ’19 collection show

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