New Year’s (RE)Solutions

Stumbling out of 2018 and springing into 2019 with a clean slate and a new perspective!

So I know for a fact that you, who’s reading this, has an 80% chance that 2018 was a hard year filled with many delicious lessons that needed to be learned. There were tons of highs but just as many lows just to balance out that scale we call ‘life’. Friendships showing their true colours, tough times at work, financial problems, the list goes on. For me, personally, 2018 is one of the hardest years I have ever had to endure, with a sneaky little nervous breakdown thrown into the mix just to stir things up ever-so-nicely. THANK GOD 2019 has rolled in, like a beautifully sun kissed horizon filled with fresh, new opportunities and second chances. We made it. Now let’s own it.

One thing that we all have a tradition of doing at the start of a new year is to start the year off with resolutions or rather, as I prefer to call them - re-solutions. It’s a known fact that if you set goals, you’re bound to fail at a few (if not most) of them. And what do failures do? They make us feel shit about ourselves and leave us feeling unaccomplished. We should rather think about solutions to solve ruts we have gotten ourselves into - and strategies to rectify such situations. The way that we do this is to come up with (re)solutions and how we will timeously fit such actions towards these solutions in our day - to - day runnings and lives.

Here’s an example to help you to understand these (re)solutions:

Say this is my resolutions list for 2019:
- write more;
- lose weight;
- learn a language;

Instead of just having a list to “gloomingly” stare at for the first month of the year and then to be forgotten, here is how we will strategise making time for these things.

  • Write more:
    I know that I need at least two hours a day to focus on my writing and I know that I write better pieces in the morning. So, I will make time for writing every morning on weekdays from 8am - 10am.

  • Lose weight:
    In order to lose weight one needs to focus on a healthy eating plan in conjunction with a great workout program. This means time is needed for researched grocery shopping, time in the kitchen for meal prep and for time sectioned out of each day for the gym.  

Now, go relook at your list and see how you can make time for each thing on your list realistically in your days or weeks. This is bound to help you conquer those items and really give that saying ‘New Year, New Me’ a fighting chance!

Thank you so much for reading, and let us know what YOU are aiming for in 2019!

Yours Truly,
FallyCat xoxo

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