Refreshed Retro (Hair Trends 2018)

2018 has been the year of the throwback, from fashion, to beauty trends, fad diets and everything in-between. Fashion Week hair expert Boyd Meilhon chats “Refreshed Retro” for 2018’s trends.


This gender neural look made its appearance in the 90s . Commonly referred to as the “step cut”, this trend has been massively updated for the 2018 must have look. Sporting a shorter fringe and a slightly more blended look while still maintaining an illusion of a step.. This gives it a modern yet grungy refreshed look similar to what Katy Perry has adapted for her buzz cut, as well as many other male celebs.


The 90s quintessential “pretty boy” look was made popular by boyband wonder Nick Carter and Titanic era Leo DiCaprio. This look in the 90s was clean and neat, maintaining the length and sporting a middle parting thus giving the look its iconic name.  2018 is the reinvention of this look, it has been updated with a slightly off-centre parting and more product being used when styling to give it a fresh textured revamp. This look has been used by designer Alexander Wang in his runway Spring /2018 collection. We forecast this as still maintaining its trend into 2019.


This look was huge in the early 90s. (My best recollection of this trend was with super model Linda Evangelista when she was photographed for Italian Vouge by Stephan Meisel.) The look was textured, slightly unkept and usually done on shorter hair. The trend in 2018 has a fresh new look. The fringes are still short and textured but have a more kept look, making them less grungy. This means this can be used on long textured hair or short cropped bobs. The style has made numerous appearances, including the runway of Balenciaga’s Spring 2018 show.


Blondes have gone through a massive change. In the last decade blondes have become more cooler in tone, even with the sudden onslaught of ombre blondes. In the 90s, blondes were known to be more gold and had tones of biscuit and toffee. How could we ever forget Jenifer Aniston’s blonde in friends! (If you have forgotten about this please leave the site immediately!) This style had a variety of tones and was the Must-Have colour of the 90s.  2018 sees the rebirth of the dirty blonde. Seen in Stella McCarth’s spring runway show as well as with celebs such as Gigi Hadid & Cara Delevingne. We are now seeing a shift away from the ombre look, blondes are being created using various tones with a micro weaving technique and baby lights, giving a more polished fresh take on the beloved dirty blonde.


This look for me screams of the 90s and I can only imagine a crowded high street in Camden circa 1997 with crowds of grunge punk hair. 2018 was fortunate enough to see this bold highly pigmented hair resurface. This trend is incredibly loud and includes colours ranging from canary yellow to bright denim blue. It is definitely an expression of creativity and has been revived thanks to Gucci, Versace and Jeremy Scott, all of whom included this bold look in their runway collections this year. This look is not for the faint hearted and you must definitely consult the leading colour stylist in your area before booking for this statement trend. I suggest the in-house colourist from Karo Hair “Nicola Van Aswegan” - (local number listing below - Johannesburg, South Africa only)

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